St Luke

Worship reflections by 11Y – St Luke the Evangelist

Students from 11Y prepared our worship for 18th October, here is some of their worship material …

Some information

Luke, the writer of the third of the four gospels, is thought to have been a doctor – he writes in a very thorough and careful way. Luke would have been a rich man. He also wrote the book of Acts, which describes how Christianity spread after Jesus’ ascension to Heaven.

According to tradition, he died aged 84, hanged fSt Lukerom an olive tree for his belief in Christianity.

Some discussion ideas …

  • Why did Jesus say it was hard for rich people to get to Heaven? Do you agree?
  • How did Jesus tell the disciples to behave when they visited people who didn’t agree with them? Why do lots of us find it hard to behave like this?
  • What would you be willing to do for what you believe in?

Activity suggestion …

Test out eyewitness accounts, by describing what has happened so far this morning in your classroom.



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