Harvest donations - 2017

Harvest donations

In October students brought in food donations and presented them at their Year Group Eucharists.

Harvest donations - 2017This year Bromley Borough Foodbank encouraged each school to concentrate their donations on one type of food. Bishop Justus was designated as a “Tomato School”. Students brought in tinned tomatoes, tomato sauce, meatballs in tomato, pasta in tomato, Bolognese etc.

The donations were weighed on arrival at the depot and came to just under half a tonne.

All the donations were taken to the Foodbank depot where they are being checked, sorted and then sent out to the Foodbank centres around the borough. The charity aim to give bags of food that are nutritious and as balanced a diet as possible.

For more information go to the foodbank’s website – https://bromleyborough.foodbank.org.uk/


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