A summary from Tutu:
This term our worship was based on LIBERATION, which means to be freed from something.
That was our topic because only a few weeks ago it was Easter and Jesus was liberated and came back to life.
In our form we have had loads of our form students leading the worship such as Daniel A, Victor O, Tutu O, Francesca C and Scarlet W.
We watched many videos on people that are suffering and are being as strong as they can be, also people that are being liberated from bad people. Also discussed little things like when we were liberated from giving up chocolate for Lent.


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A summary from Mrs Vipie:
I enjoyed the past couple of weeks in worship with 7N as the students have some valuable and memorable contributions to our discussions.
For me personally, one of the things that stood out was the fact that they all now remember most of the human rights and understand the implication of the responsibility that comes with these.
I hope you enjoy our creative parts of the blog as well, for which all students in 7N participated, despite us not finishing off some of these!

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