Year 7’s raise money for the Diocese of Kondoa

In July, we are taking our first group of 6th formers to Kondoa in Tanzania. This is hopefully going to begin a long lasting link with this Diocese and our school. In preparation for the upcoming trip I have been conducting a great deal of research in the Diocese and among the many wonderful and uplifting things I have found out, I have also been told that this area is suffering from a serious drought.

So, we here at Bishop Justus decided it was our opportunity to help. Having spoken to our year 7’s during worship about the Diocese, I read them the parable of the talents and we discussed the message as Christians to make the most of our talents. I then gave each member of year 7 £1 and asked them to make it grow. As usual, our faith in action was amazing with the year group raising over £700 which is going to make a real difference to the people in Kondoa. Well done!

We will be adding regular posts during our visit so watch this space!

Mr Gallears

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